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Suzuki to Attend 11th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival 2016

21st June 2016

Event: 11th Asia-Pacific Harmonica Festival (APHF)
Time: August 2 to August 7, 2016

Location: Performance Hall of Hsinchu Country Culture Affairs Bureau in Hsinchu, Taiwan

Around 150 special guests, adjudicators and performers from various countries and regions will be at the dinner to kick off the great event. The welcome dinner will not only provide networking opportunities for all guests, but will also include keynote speeches and short performance by some guests. In the next four days, there will be 49 competitions that include 9 categories (Tremolo Solo, Chromatic Solo, 10-hole Diatonic Ssolo, Duet, Trio, Chamber Music, Ensemble, Orchestra, and Creative) for different age groups (Preschool, Junior, Adolescent, Youth, Open, and Senior), with the exception of the Creative category. In order to foster fair, impartial and friendly competition, we modified the previous adjudication model by having 7-9 adjudicators for each contest with only one adjudicator from each country/region, The assessment score will range from 65 to 99 points from each adjudicator with integers only. The final score will be an average of all scores, without the highest and the lowest scores. The top three awards are Champion, First Runner-up, and Second Runner-up. The rest of the contestants will also be awarded according to their average score (80 points or more, 70 to 80 points, 65 to 70 points) with prize named appropriately for each country/region, such as "gold, silver, bronze ", " first, second, third", "Premium (90 points), excellent, good, fair", etc.

The Grand Opening Ceremony will be held on the evening of August 3, with the opening act by 100 members of Chongyang Children Harmonica Orchestra from New Taipei City, which have already won many awards at National Student Music Competition in Taiwan, followed by addresses from all presidents of Asia-Pacific Harmonica Festival and their featured performance. The biggest highlight of the 2016 APHF is there are seven different themed concerts:
• August 3 - Cross-Strait Exchanges Concert 13:30~15:30;
• August 4 - Asia-Pacific Harmonica Exchange Concert 13:30~15:30, followed by a festive concert in the evening;
• August 5 - Rookie Harmonica Concert 13:30~15:30, followed by Orchestral Concert in the evening;
• August 6-7 - Concerts by well-known harmonica ensembles, orchestras, masters and professional musicians.
There will also be two Jazz Jam sessions hosted by SIBM Lu and Tom Stryker at 22:30~0:30 on August 3 and August 5. The Closing Ceremony held on the afternoon of August 7 will start out with a joint orchestra composed by 100 students from Yonghua Elementary School and Xingxing Junior High School, both competition winners in Taiwan. Their excellent performance will bring the art of harmonica palying to a new level. The performance is followed by award presentation to outstanding performers during the festival with impromptu performance by winners. After the award ceremony comes the performance of Silver-Haired Hundred People Harmonica Orchestra. At the conclusion of the Closing Ceremony, there will be a handover ceremony with representatives of Beijing’s APHF for the next APHF.

In addition to events and concerts mentioned above, APHF also provides an open stage for performance and harmonica arena contest during the day on August 3 through August 5 in the experimental theater. Harmonica lovers from various countries and regions are welcome to take advantage of these opportunities to perform or for mutual exchange. One thing I’d like to bring to your attention is that the 2016 APHF does not offer forums or seminars as previous APHF events, because we’d like to create a “Carnival-like” atmosphere for this festival. The contestants are not here just to compete, the jury are not here just as judges, and we hope every participant enjoys the atmosphere we provide and appreciates the wonderful art of harmonica through viewing and communication. The ultimate goal of the 2016 APHF is to promote friendship. Let us pass friendship to everyone through the harmonica, and promote world peace. In the end, we hope to achieve the core value of HAPA, which is "Harmony, Humanity, Harmonica". Finally I wish the best for everyone. We are looking forward to seeing you in 2016 in Taiwan!

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