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Name: Joe Pedros

Country: Italy

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Instruments Of Choice: Diatonic and Chromatic


Joe Pedros

Giovanni Caputo aka Joe Pedros

Giovanni Caputo aka Joe Pedros was born in Catania, Sicily - Italy, in 1980. He started to learn piano but soon found the Harmonica had much more appeal and enjoys playing both diatonic & chromatic instruments.

Joe's carreer really kicked off in 2001 when he became a member of "the harp summit" in Rome, The following year He formed a blues band called "the Litual Blues" which was an excellent training ground as a musician and performer. In 2003 an important collaboration with "Blue in Blues", the most important blues band in Sicily. He also had the privelage to play on stage with the legendary Julius E. Green, Stax man and ex-vocalist with the Platters. Jpe also performed with Mrs. Dilů Miller, joining her on stage during lots of "trio" acoustic sessions. Soon after the band from Caltanissetta "Marco Gioč & the shotgun" invited him to play several gigs, including the Popa Chubby's opening act in the "Etna Blues Festival" and in 2005: Joe becomes "Elwood Blues" playing harp and singing in a Blues Brothers tibute band called "Dick Dastardly blues band".

Joe's unique sound is a "melting pot" of 3 styles: Jerry Portnoy, Sugar Blue and Charlie Musselwhite, who were a big influence in the development of his own style of playing. Joe merges old and new harp's styles, making a real fusion of blues feeling and virtuoso licks. He's able to play through many music styles too: blues, jazz, reggae, folk, etc.

As a harp customizer this instruments holds no secrets to Joe!