Name: Pat Missin

Country: UK/USA 

Instrument of choice: 10 Hole, Chromatic, Tremolo

Official Website:


“Suzuki produces one of the widest selections of any harmonica company, from sturdy beginners’ models like the Easy Rider, to the beautifully crafted professional instruments such as the Magic Garden. My own personal favorites are the SCT-128 Tremolo Chromatic and the MR-300 Overdrive; unique harmonicas that deliver sound unobtainable from any other instruments” Pat Missin was born in England and took up the harmonica in the late 1970s, inspired by players such as Johnny Mars and Lee Oskar. Playing the full range of different harmonica types, as well as many of the more obscure members of the free reed family of instruments, he has performed and recorded in musical styles from the traditional to the avant garde. Pat has also conducted many successful seminars and workshops on all aspects of the harmonica, served as a judge at harmonica contests in Britain, Europe and America, as well as writing for many specialist publications around the world. He is perhaps best known as a harmonica technician, doing repairs and custom work for clients ranging from beginners to top professionals, as well as doing consulting work for various companies. Currently, he is living in the USA and has mostly retired from performance, although he was persuaded to play at SPAH's annual convention in 2005.