Name: Andy Just

Country: USA

Official Website:

Instruments Of Choice: Diatonic (Manji)


Andy Just

"I was attending the SPAH convention in Sacramento this last August, and had visited all of the harmonica companies that were present. My friend Christelle Berthon had mentioned to me that she had just come from the Suzuki booth, and that they had a new fantastic harmonica out called the Manji. She had one, and asked me to play it. From the very start, I noticed how good it felt in my hands. I started playing it, and was amazed by the volume, the warm tone coming from it, and its overall clarity. Cool! I then started playing it harder, pushing more air into it, and noticed that it would not stall out. The Manji lets you play with confidence knowing that the notes will be there for you. I played it softly and could do the overblows with ease, and still retain the overall volume and tone that I demand. The Manji is by far the best diatonic harmonica "Out of the Box". Suzuki's advanced technology, styling and performance makes the Manji "The Harmonica" 
for both novice and professionals. Can't miss with the Manji!"