Name: David Herzhaft

Country: France 

Instrument of choice: 10 Hole

Official Website:


David Herzhaft was born in 1974 and was introduced to blues and country-music by his father Gerard Herzhaft, a blues/country specialist and author of a number of books published internationally

As a teenager David met and was influenced by Johnny Shines, Eddie Campbell, Charlie Musselwhite and soon became involved in the jazz scene. This led to the development of his unique style and overblow technique. It wasn't long before his talents were recognized and David played with many blues, bluegrass, country and jazz bands in festivals throughout France, Europe and Canada. As a result of this he features on many of the bands albums.

In 2001 David made his first solo recording on Fremaux and Associés label (owns Elephant) "Des Mots d'Harmo", which became critically acclaimed. Following this he directed and composed the music for 'Catfish Blues', a cartoon broadcast on
National TV France 3, which was subsequently released on DVD (Warner).

David Herzhaft performs now mainly with his own band as well as with his uncle Cisco Herzhaft and Country Postal.