Name: Steven De Bruyn

Country: Belgium

Instrument of choice: 10 Hole, Chromatic, Chord, Bass

Official Website:

Steven De Bruyn (1968) is a self taught musician/composer. He likes playing acoustic but his trademark is probably his distinctive electric tone and clever use of electronic effects. He was the founder of the award winning blues band 'El Fish (1996 - 2001) and nowadays tours mostly with his 'Rhythm Junks'. De Bruyn has also been featured with Roland Van Campenhout, Zap Mama, Eugene Chadbourne, Jimmy Carl 
Black, Sahara Blues, Axelle Red, Raymond het Groenewoud, Slade etc. In 2004 'Zamu' awarded De Bruyn with the "best musician"-award. More 
recently his music has been used for TV documentaries, instrumental compilation CD (selected by Jean-Jaques Milteau) and theatre.

"The HA-20 is a good-looking and nicely designed diatonic, with an excellent overall finish. It plays well straight out-of-the-box, but most important is its remarkable smooth velvet-like sound and the fact that it has proved to be very durable! The SCT-128 Tremolo Chromatic is a true vibrant chromatic"