Name: Art M. Daane

Country: South Africa

Instrument of choice: Chromatic, Bass, Chords

Official Website:


Born in Rotterdam, August 22, 1934. Art played the harmonica since he was 10 years old. At the age of 14 Art acquired his first chromatic harmonica and started studying at the "1st Dutch Chromatic Harmonica School." [Hotcha Harmonica School] Art plays all Suzuki chromatic's, bass and chord harmonicas. He played in a variety of bands in the Netherlands, South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore and joined various groups as a guest player while on holiday all over the world. He was vice President, teacher and conductor of several harmonica clubs, and loves promoting the instrument at all sorts of venues displaying his vast amount of instruments. His main collection is in the accordion museum "De Muse" in Malden (near Nijmegen). In May 2001 Art started his first harmonica school project at the "Fairview Primary School" in Grassy Park, South Africa. During his visit to South Africa in 2002, he got the original "Relda Trio" from the 50's together again to record one of Vincent's own compositions "Wineland Seties" for Art's CD project in Holland. This project is a compilation of "Dutch Harmonica Players 1947-2002." It contains 46 titles on 2 Cd's. Art has been entered in "ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE HARMONICA" in 2002. April 2004 Art returned to South Africa indefinitely and performs in a duo playing the Chord. They solely play traditional South African music from composers of the past like:
Danie Bosman, Danie Pretorius, Anton de Waal, Tienie Coetzer, Jan Pohl, Hendrik Susan etc.

"I play many types of Suzuki harmonicas for their air-tightness, immediate response and smooth designs. They have never let me down. "