Name: David Bombo

Country: Madrid, Spain

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Instruments Of Choice: Manji M20 Diatonic Harmonica


 David Bombo

David BomBo


David Bombo is a Spanish Harmonica player based in Madrid. He benefits from more than 25 years of experience with diatonic harmonica. He has played with various musicians throughout his career covering virtually all musical styles. He has been invited  to appear on more than 30 alums as well as TV, radio ads and videos.
Divid is also a Professor of Harmonica and promotor of this great instrument.


David's attraction for the harmonica dates back to 1991 when he heard for the first time, the song "El Tren" recorded by "Leño". At that point David made the decision to take up the harmonica. He purchased a diatonic in "C", and immediately soaked up every type of music the harmonica appears in, particulalry Blues, Jazz and Rock). So begins David BomBo's journey into harmonica music.

David BomboThe musicians he normally works with do not usually play these styles, and after accompanying Punk, Metal, and Rock bands learning rhythm and direction, David looks outside his circle of friends for these styles by putting posters in rehearsal studios and participating in some jam sessions.


- 5 years in Music school Luis Alvarez Lencero (Solfa and recorder)
- 20 years studying and learning by myself with diatonic harmonica
- 2012 - 2015 I received classes from Mariano Massolo (great harmonica player): scales, positions, techniques, overbending with diatonic harmonica.
-I gave colloquiums in schools in Madrid for harmonica initiation since 2010.
- I gave harmonica Masterclass in different cities and countries in Europe.
-Professor (diatonic harmonica) since 2009, both in person and via Skype, all levels and ages.




David BomboWhen did you first try a Suzuki Harmonica?

One day during a regular lesson, one of my students appeared with a new harmonica. I already knew the Suzuki company, but I had never had the chance to try any model, so I tried the harmonica Suzuki Manji.


What did you think of the Manji?
I was completely amazed: its strength, its shape, its sound ... at that precise moment I realized that I had found the perfect harmonica for me and my sound. Manji is undoubtedly the best harmonica on the market.

What do you think sets the Manji apart from other diatonic harmonicas?

Aside from a beautiful image, the resin comb next to the metal of the lids and their tongues makes that characteristic sound of Manji. Great strength, whether you hit hard or you limit the air. They never fail, I personally use overbending. Manji gets it out very easily and very well-tuned, something indispensable for my sound.


So you will continue to play the Suzuki Manji?
Manji is without a doubt MY HARMONICA. Blues, Jazz, Rock & Roll ... .. It always gives its best. Thanks to Manji Suzuki for giving us this marvel to the harmonica world. Whether you're a professional or an amateur, do not doubt that Suzuki is your harmonica.

David Bombo