Name: Brandon Oneal Bailey

Country: USA

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Instruments Of Choice: M-20, G-48, SU-21HM, SU-21W



Brandon Bailey 

Brandon Oneal Bailey

"The Suzuki M-20 Manji is an exceptional example of intelligent design and specific attention to detail in a diatonic harmonica. The manufacturing quality and nuanced parameters are what make Suzuki a leading force in modern instrumental manufacturing. The rich tonal qualities and design implementations make the M-20 an instrument that I am proud to play."



Brandon O. Bailey is a young harmonica player and looping artist from Memphis, Tennessee. In 2008 he rose through the ranks of several hundred contestants to make the finals of the Orpheum Star Search competition in Memphis, then won the finals by performing the J. Geils Band's harmonica showpiece, "Whammer Jammer," with the house band. In the aftermath of that victory, and with the help of various major concerts, radio and television appearances, a "break out" story in Living Blues Magazine, a featured interview on NPR’s “weekend edition” with host Linda Wertheimer and the recent release of his debut album Memphis Grooves which rose to #1 on both the U.S. itunes and amazon blues music charts, Brandon has put the harmonica world on notice: there's a new kid on the block.

Brandon began playing the harmonica when his grandmother told him that his great-grandfather used to play train songs on the blues harp. Recently, Brandon adapted the post modern harp-boxing style made famous by Son of Dave: blues riffs intertwined with beat-box rhythms. Although only in his early 20's, he's already played with some of the best harmonica players and bands in the country including Adam Gussow of Satan and Adam, Jason Ricci and New Blood, Billy Gibson, Charlie Wood, and Blind Mississippi Morris. He has performed at B.B. Kings Blues Club in Memphis, The Rum Boogie Cafe, The Orpheum Theater in Memphis,TN the Arkansas Blues and Heritage Festival in Helena, The Mid South Fair, and the Jefferson Awards in Washington D.C.


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