Name: The Adler trio

Country: Israel

Instruments Of Choice:

  • Michal Adler: Lead Chromatic

  • Dror Adler: Chord

  • Jacob Kol: Bass

Official Website:

With 8 LP's and 6 CD's to their name The Adler Trio have become a successful and integral part of Israel's culture scene, establishing themselves across the World as harmonica virtuoso's. Their diverse repertoire introduces audiences to a unique blend of classics to rock, pop to Country & Western and of course the sounds of Israel. 

Dror Adler, co-founded the Adler Trio together with his brother, Danny Adler, and has played with the group ever since. Dror was born in Israel and first started his musical journey with an accordian and then a Piano. In 1962 when the trio was establishes he moved on to the Chord Harmonica. Dror is the groups MC and Musical Director, preparing most of their arrangements.

In 1975 Jakob Kol joined the trio. Although born in Germany he moved to Israel when he was young. Jakob's first instrument was the Saxophone, which he played in the Israeli Air Force Band among others. When the trio required a Bass Harmonica Player Dror was quick to encourage Jacob to try the heavy Bass Instrument. Jakob was immediately hooked and as played it ever since.

Michal Adler-Gronich is the daughter of Danny Adler and so the trio has two generations of Adlers! She has played the harmonica since childhood earning a well deserved reputation as a solo harmonica virtuoso. She has played in many concerts across Israel and abroad, mostly with her husband; the famous musician and composer Shlomo Gronich. When Michal joined the trio her husband composed the wonderful HarmoniCadence and dedicated it to The Adler Trio.

If you have the opportunity we recommend you see them perform live. Certainly you should buy their brand new CD which celebrates the trio's 40 years of international success! visit their official website for details.