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Warranty Statement

Every effort is made to ensure each Suzuki instrument is manufactured to the highest quality and rigorously tested. Suzuki will cover one years warranty on manufacturing defects, however working parts (consumables) such as reeds, reed plates and valves are not covered, as failure is considered to come under normal 'wear and tear'.

In order to guarantee the warranty to be effective, the customer must report any faults within 7 days of purchase, direct to their sales outlet and retain the original receipt as proof of purchase.

This warranty will not apply to the instrument if it has been misused, altered in any way, opened, tampered with or if the instrument is purchased through unauthorised channels.

Please note: due to reasons of hygiene we cannot accept customer returns of Suzuki Harmonicas or Melodions as unwanted items if they have already been played.

Purchasing from Unauthorised Sellers:

WARNING: The warranties of products sold by non-authorized parties will be considered null and void, and we will not be able to offer after-sales service. If you are unsure if you are purchasing from an authorised Suzuki Sales Centre please contact us to check.

Purchasing from Oversees Sellers - the danger.

It has come to our attention that counterfeit Suzuki Harmonicas are being offered for sale through oversea sellers. Please do not fall victim to these illegal sellers of Suzuki Harmonicas. Our customer service department has recently received phone calls regarding these fake harmonicas. Unfortunately, these products cannot be returned, warrantied or serviced by Suzuki. Authentic Suzuki Harmonicas can only be purchased through Authorized Suzuki Music Retailers. Do not purchase Suzuki Harmonicas from an on line seller that indicates, "Shipped from Japan". These products carry no warranty, cannot be returned or repaired by SUZUKI or any authorised SUZUKI distributors and are most likely counterfeit replicas.

To Dealers, Distributors and Individual sellers
The products sold to you by Suzuki Musical Instruments Mfg. Co., Ltd.’s Group (SUZUKI MUSICAL INSTRUMENT MFG. CO., LTD., SUZUKI MUSICAL INSTRUMENT DISTRIBUTION CO., LTD., SUZUKI CORPORATION, SUZUKI EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE CO., LTD., SUZUKI MUSICAL PROMOTION CO., LTD., HAMMOND SUZUKI CO., LTD., SUZUKU EUROPE LTD (herein after called our group), are indicated for sole use in their intended territory.

It is prohibited to export, sell, or re-sell products purchased from our group to any markets outside of your assigned territory, including but not limited to internet sales, without the express written permission of Suzuki Musical Instruments Mfg. Co., Ltd..  Any parties participating in such sales are subject to litigation.
Our group sets the authorized agent in all countries of the world to offer smooth sales and appropriate after-sales service. The warranties of products sold by non-authorized parties will be considered null and void, and we will not be able to offer after-sales service.

Replacement Parts

We carry a comprehensive parts stock. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Your authorised Suzuki Distributor will undertake cost effective repairs on certain instruments please contact us for more information regarding your specific Suzuki Musical Instrument.


SUZUKI Chromatic Harmonicas (Troubleshooting)

Q: Difficulty in producing lower notes (or higher) notes. Is this a fault?

A: If you experience problems producing the sound of draw notes on the lower register or when you feel some notes are not responding, it is normally due to the technique of altered air flow needed from the mouth.

The altered air flow required -particularly for the higher notes- such as pursing the lips (as if to make a whistling sound) can be accomplished with a little practice. Please see www.suzukiharmonicaworld.com for further guidance.

Q: Sometime during playing a note becomes 'stuck'.

A: Occasionally (although not normally on a new Harmonica) you may experience some notes that 'stick' particularly when using less air flow. Blowing a little stronger on the same note can then case a 'popping' sound, which is the valve freeing itself from being stuck to the surface of the reed plate by moisture. To avoid this, always warm the harmonica before playing and tap the harmonica to keep it free of excess moisture.